The story of women empowerment through rural employability and self dependency. Himachal Pradesh is a state in western Indian Himalayas where almost 90% of the populace live in rural areas and practices mostly subsistence agriculture. Needs of the people are less as people are content with whatever little they have been provided by the God and strongly believes in theory of karma.
Besides agriculture, people are also employed in armed forces which is an ancient skill the Himalayan people have which find mention in Panini’s writings also when he call the states of the region as Ayudhjivi Sangha, ”The one who derives their livelihood from arms”.
Though most of the men work in armed forces and other government sector jobs, majority of the women still look after the daily chores of the house and allied activities like cattle rearing, animal husbandry, horticulture etc. Women of the Himalayan region are strong willed and perform the job of more than one person in their daily lives. The works they do are rigorous and mostly non-financial in nature which make them look towards their male counter parts for finances to take care of their personal and family needs.
Ransingha wants to provide empowerment to such women through various projects like paper bag making where the women can prepare the paper bags at their home and are duly paid and appreciated for their unique skill. This has been giving them an identity of an artisan or semi- skilled worker besides their familial identity as a home maker. Women are very enthusiased working with Ransingha, which is giving them a platform to channel their energy productively and creatively, thereby improving their happiness in life. The paper bags made by the rural women, employed under Ransingha’s paper bag project have been used by various government, semi-government and private agencies and have been appreciated everywhere for their environmental friendly nature, unique philosophy and preparation style.
Our team at Ransingha is trying their best to inculcate art and humanity, the whole philosophy of our Himalayas into paper bag making, where each paper bag will tell the story of our heavenly region and beautiful people.
Furthermore, We are proud to say that Ransingha is the only brand and platform in Himachal Pradesh which is using such humane and environment friendly practices to produce hundred percent recycled paper bags with a meaning.
We strongly believe in evolving with time and will do our best to imbibe more positive and life changing practices in our projects. We urge you all to be a part of this journey and let us learn from you, learn with you, by sharing our beliefs and best practices for the welfare of the world entire.